Ready Golf Guidelines
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RPGC has the following Pace of Play regulation in effect: 

If your group is more than a hole behind for more than one hole, each member of the group will receive a 2-stroke penalty.  Continued infractions will lead to suspension from tournament play or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the club - which we have done in the past.

First offense: 2-stroke penalty.

Second offense: 2-stroke penalty and three tournament suspension.

Third offense: 2-stroke penalty and one year suspension.


All penalties are subject to full review by the Pace of Play Committee.

Remember the #1 rule in Pace of Play:  Keep up with the group in front of you. No excuses.  The group behind you is irrelevant, do not worry about them. Your group must keep the pace with the group in front of you. Period.

Follow these tips to increase the pace of play:

  • Immediately play a provisional if your ball may be lost.
  • Go directly to your ball after everyone tees off. Don't group together.
  • Hit your ball if you're ready and it's safe, ignore honors in stroke play.
  • Putt out, instead of marking, whenever you can.
  • Go to the next tee when you're done putting, no need to wait for everyone to finish.

The city has appreciated our efforts and in return they have given us an opportunity to play earlier - on the basis that we get everyone out on time and finish on time. That privilege will be taken away from us the moment we lapse into our old way of doing things.

Ready Golf DOES NOT mean RUSHING. If you prepare in advance, you can take your time AND play Ready Golf.  If every person in a foursome could play each hole just 25 seconds quicker, then we will reduce the time to play each round by half an hour.


Whoever is ready should hit. Unless you're playing match play, ignore anything about honors.  If you're ready, tee off, simple as that.


  • Be ready to hit while the group is still in front of you. Tee off as soon as it's clear.
  • Let short distance hitters tee off first.
  • Watch carefully where your ball and everyone else's lands.
  • Always carry an extra ball or two in your pocket.
  • Hit a provisional ball if you think that your ball may be lost or out of bounds. If you have to go back to the tee box after losing a ball, you're doing it all wrong.



Golfers are typically at their worst after they have hit their tee shots. How often do you see players watch other players hit first, walk with the group in a caravan and only start thinking about their shot only when it's their turn? 

  • All players should walk to their ball as soon as possible. Walk down the sides of the fairway to reach your ball, determine your club selection while waiting, and then move towards the center to your ball.
  • If you're using a cart, the partner with the shorter shot should drop off the other player (who has all needed clubs with him/her), and leave the cart at the exit point of the green.
  • Watch carefully where your ball and everyone else's lands.
  • Help to find lost balls AFTER you hit your shot, not before.
  • Never, ever, utter the phrase "Who's away?" – If you're ready to putt, then putt.
  • Study your putt while waiting for your turn to putt.
  • Putt until holed out. Don't mark your ball unless you are in someone's way.
  • Quickly exit the green and move to the next tee when finished.
  • Wait to record scores until you reach the next tee.
  • Park your cart between the back of the green and the next tee box, don't leave it where you have to walk backward.
  • If your group is behind, the putter should putt out - even if he has to stand on another players line, then immediately go to the next tee and hit his tee shot.
  • You should always be able to see the group ahead of you.
  • If someone has lost a ball, hit your shot before helping them look for their ball.
  • Try to never go back to the tee to hit a provisional ball.
  • Limit yourself to one practice swing or a 20 second maximum.


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