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Robert Shapiro - Membership Chairman
Mailing Address:
Rancho Park Golf Club
PO Box 64266
Los Angeles,  CA  90064

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC:  This site is NOT Rancho Park Golf Course's public site, it is the men's club site and is solely for the communication of the Men's Club to existing and prosepctive members. This site does not contain any information on green's fees, hours of operation, course contacts,  employment opportunities, etc. 

With the exception of questions concerning joining the men's club, please contact the Rancho Park starter at 310.838.7373.  You may also 
visit the Los Angeles City Rancho Park home page or contact the Golf Course Supervisor, Uriel Matus, with any questions.

GOLF COURSE ADDRESS: (Please contact the course directly for tee times)
Rancho Park Golf Course
10460 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
City of Los Angeles Rancho Park Starter: 310.838.7373

There are three DISTINCT golf club memberships available at Rancho Park Golf COURSE:

The Ladies Club at Rancho Park Golf Course
If you wish to join the ladies club, please contact Membership Chairperson, Diane Naegele by email at or by phone at 310-614-3982.  

The Seniors Club at Rancho Park Golf Course
If you wish to join the seniors club, please contact Membership Chairman, Barry J. Forman by email at or by phone at 310.546.1991.  Additionally, you may contact President, Bob Lenzie by email at or by phone at 310.398.5344.

The Rancho Park Golf Club at Rancho Park Golf Course
If you wish to join the Rancho Park Golf Club, you are on the correct web site.  


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